Police Athletes of the Irish-American Athletic Club

In addition to being world-class athletes, many members of the Irish-American Athletic Club were also distinguished members of the NYPD, including; Charles Bacon Jr., John J. Burke, Michael J. Cregan, brothers Bob and John Eller, Egon Erickson, John Flanagan, John J. Joyce, John W. Kelly, William J. Keating, Patrick McDonald, Matthew McGrath, Emil Muller, Michael O'Callaghan, Harry Schaaf and brothers Richard and Martin J. Sheridan. A few years after Martin Sheridan's death in 1918, the NYPD created the Martin J. Sheridan Medal for Valor, which was awarded to police officers for bravery above and beyond the call of duty. This medal has since been discontinued. The Winged Fist Organization is working with Celtic Park Productions and Sheridan descendants to revive this medal.

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