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Time-Lapse Slideshows Demonstrating Weight Throwing Techniques

In 1916, the Spalding Athletic Company published a how-to manual for would-be weight throwers. Written by champion Irish weight thrower and noted sports writer James S. Mitchel, "How to Become a Weight Thrower" featured chapters by a number of Mitchell's friends and fellow Irish Whales, including; Patrick "Babe" McDonald, Matt McGrath and Paddy Ryan. This book also included sequential photos of these athletes demonstrating their technique. Below are three time-lapse slideshows, created by the Winged Fist Organization, of the champion weight throwers of the Irish-American Athletic Club in action. (Click on the photos below to view slideshow. Requires Adobe Flash Player).
Pat "Babe" McDonald demonstrates the shot put.
Matt McGrath demonstrates the 56lbs. weight throw.
Paddy Ryan demonstrates the hammer throw.