From 1898 unitl 1930, thousands of events were held at Celtic Park, which was then considered part of Long Island City, Queens. In additon to athletic events, fraternal organizations frequently rented the facilities for their annual picnics or social gatherings. Below are a collection of journals or programs for events held at Celtic Park or sponsored by the Irish-American Athletic Club. If you have a journal or program to add to this collection, please email

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United Scottish Clans - 1908 (3.7 MB)
I-AAC Dinner Journal - 1911 (1.4 MB)
Sheridan Memorial - 1918 (1.3 MB)
Sheridan Celtic Cross Unveiling Ceremony - 1921 (1.4 MB)

Irish-American Athletic Club / Celtic Park Journals and Programs

"SCOTTISH CLANS' FIELD DAY; Early Showers Keep Many Persons from Going to Celtic Park." NYT, July 5, 1908.
"Irish-American A.C. Winners to get Special Trophies at Annual Dinner." NYT, Dec. 5, 1911.
"POLICE CARNIVAL TODAY; City's Finest to Hold Athletic Meet for Memorial Fund." NYT, July 27, 1918.

Clan-na-Gael Journals

From 1905 until at least 1921, the Irish-American organziation Clan-na-Gael held fundraisers, picnics and athletic events at Celtic Park in Long Island City. Clan-na-Gael publicly advocated armed resistance to the British occupation of Ireland at Celtic Park more than a decade before the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin. At a Clan-na-Gael convention held in Atlantic City in 1900, a circular declared: "We pledge ourselves to the principle that physical force is the only engine a revolutionary orgainiztion can consistently and successfully use to realise the hopes of lovers of freedom in lands subject to the bonds of oppression." While these journals do not directly pertain to the Irish-American Athletic Club, they do indicate the significant role that Celtic Park served as a fund raising venue for the cause of Irish Independence. These journals come from the Joseph McGarrity Collection, Villanova University Digital Library.

The Clansman - 1905 (4.1 MB)
The Clansman - 1909 (5.9 MB)
The Clansman - 1911 (6.3 MB)
Advertisement from The Gaelic American, June 3, 1905.
"Kiviat Shows Speed: Schoolboy Runs a Fine Half-Mile in Games of Clan-na-Gael." NY Daily Tribune, July 19, 1909.
"Aeroplane at Clan-na-Gael Games." NYT, July 18, 1909.
"Clan-na-Gael Sports at Celtic Park." NYT, July 9, 1911.
Advertisement from The Gaelic American, July 10, 1909.
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