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Team Photos of the Irish-American Athletic Club

I-AAC team members who competed in the 1904 Olympic Games in St. Louis, Missouri. First row: Myer Prinstein, John J. Flanagan, Martin Sheridan, John Joyce, Lawson Robertson and Frank Riley Castleman. Second row: Bill Knakel, Mike Connelly, Ernie Hjertberg (trainer), John J. O'Connor, Dan Madigan, Charles Bacon and J.C. Wells. Third row: William Frank, A. Sharpe, G. Van Duyn, Harvey Cohn, P.J. Conway (president), George Bonhag, J.T. Bandemann, C.C. Naismith, George E. Hull and J.H. Williams. Back row: R. J. Cotter, Frank Green, and William Low. Photo by E.F. Foley. Courtesy of the American Irish Historical Society.
I-AAC members in Buffalo, N.Y., 1905. Front row: Lawson Robertson (captain), Ernie Hjertberg (coach), Charles Bacon. Back row: Melvin Sheppard, S.C. Northridge, James P. Sullivan, Joseph Bromilow and Harvey Cohn.
I-AAC 1907 Amateur Athletic Union Cross Country champion team: H.P. O'Dell, John Joyce, John J. Daly, William G. Frank, Mel Sheppard and George V. Bonhag.
"Cross-Country Runs for Championship: A.A.U Junior and Senior Events Take Place this Afternoon. Rivalry of the Big Clubs – New York Athletic Club Representatives Expected to Take the Main Feature from the Irish-Americans." New York Times, Dec. 15, 1906.

1907 I-AAC team photo in Jamestown, Virginia. First row: Floyd Risley, Frank Riley, Lee Talbott, Bobby Cloughen and unknown. Second row: John J. Daly, Mel Sheppard, Jim Sullivan, Martin Sheridan, P.J. Conway (president), John J. Flanagan, Herman Meyer and Pat "Babe" McDonald. Third row: Bernie Wefers(trainer), Dan Frank, William Keating, John Baxter Taylor, George V. Bonhag, James Archer, Joseph Bromilow and unknown. Top row: Billy Teevan, Willard McLeod, Tom Collins (damaged), Charles Bacon, S.C. Northridge, Jack Eller and Dick Newcomb. Photo by E.F. Foley.

Irish-American Athletic Club members of the 1908 U.S. Olympic team.
I-AAC members of the 1908 U.S. Olympic team, visiting Ireland after the games in London.
The Irish Whales of the I-AAC. Back row: Emil Muller, Matt McGrath, Paddy Ryan, Pat "Babe" McDonald and Simon Gillis. Front row: left, unknown, right Joseph Bromilow. Date and location unknown, around 1912.
Irish-American Athletic Club Junior Team, winners of the Amateur Athletic Union National Championship, Pittsburgh, PA, 1911, taken on Forbes Field, in Pittsburg, PA. on June 30th or July 1st, 1911. Back row, left to right; T. Lund, H. McGuire, J.B. Wilkinson, Andrew Sheridan, S.J. Riley, W.E. Conway, A.J. Reich, J.J. White, W.A. Raleigh, A. McDougal. Front row: M.J. Fahey, Ike J. Lovell, Harry Schaaf, (?) Terwilliger, Lawson Robertson (coach), Frank N. Riley (captain), A. Pepias, Alvah T. Meyer, (?) Connor, D. Valentine. Courtesy of the American Irish Historical Society.
"IRISH-AMERICAN'S JUNIOR TEAM TITLE; Four Records Broken at National Track and Field Games in Pittsburg." New York Times, July 1, 1911.
1911 I-AAC Junior and Senior teams at Forbes Field, in Pittsburg, PA.
Irish-American Athletic Club members visiting Sweden after the 1908 Olympic Games in London. From left: Simon Gillis, Frank N. Riley, John J. Dolan (secretary), James P. Sullivan, Joseph Bromilow, Robert Cloughen, Charles Bacon, Lawson Robertson, Harry F. Porter, George Bonhag, Harvey Cohn and Daniel J. Kelly.

I-AAC members of the 1912 U.S Olympic team aboard the steamship Finland, en route to Stockholm, Sweden. Standing at the left is Matt McGrath. Back row: James Maher Rosenberger, George V. Bonhag, Emil Muller, John Reynolds, Terance Farley (officer of the I-AAC) and Arthur McAleenan (a member of the I-AAC and captain of the New York Athletic Club for fifteen years). Middle row: Edwin M. Pritchard, Abel Kiviat, Lawson Robertson (coach), Mel Sheppard, Sam Schwartz and Pat "Babe" McDonald. Seated in front: Alvah Meyer, John J. Eller and Mike Ryan.


1911 I-AAC one-mile world's record relay team, with a time of 3 minutes, 18.2 seconds. From left: James Maher Rosenberger, Harry Gissing, Mel Sheppard and Harry Schaaf.

1910 Irish-American Athletic Club team photo at Celtic Park, Queens, New York. Calvary Cemetery is visible on the right in the distance. Courtesy of the American Irish Historical Society.
Members of the Irish-American Athletic Club celebrating Irish Day at Kennywood Park, Pittsburgh. PA. in 1910.
Likely the last team photo of the Irish-American Athletic Club. Taken on the steps of City Hall in New York City, April 30, 1923, at a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the club. First row: Jack J. Eller, P.J. Conway, Hon. George Murray Hulbert, Alvah Meyer, Melvin W. Sheppard, John J. Hayes, Patrick J. McDonald, Abel R. Kiviat and Daniel J. Ferris. Second row: Charles Teevan, Jack Frank, Samuel Schwartz, Ike J. Lovell, John J. Daly, and Claude Allen. Third row: Edward Coyle, J.T. Higgins, John H. Onken, John H. Dennelly, Arthur Fogel, Kenneth Caldwell, James Archer and J. Shay. Top row: John J. McHugh, Thomas Orr, Hugh H. Hirshon, Marty Wiseman, F.L. Onken, Richard F. Remer, Louis Brown and John F. Conway.
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